Human Values & Tradition


We Believe... that education is the key to create changes that leads to happier and healthier lives. We strive to educate through conscience awareness, positive role modeling and commitment to the highest standards of the message therapy profession. The LPS pillars of Human Values give worthiness and respect to life.

Truth : Children gain a deeper understanding of truth by developing devotion, honestly, self reflection and integrity.

Right Action : Children experience right action through the sub-values which includes self confidence, forbearance responsibility, good manners and other social skills. Right action has to be practised.

Peace : Children experience peace as they gain emotional equilibrium through self acceptance, optimism, patience and humility. Peace is the one to be experienced.

Love : Children develop compassion sharing, toelerance, friendship and sacrifice as they discover that love is not mere emotion. Love is the natural quality.

Non-Violence : Children learn that true Nonviolence is not just harming anything, living and / or non living, in thought, word or deed.